Simple Tricks to get more Matches

Seeing some men’s online dating profiles can be a minefield of cringe. Guys will lament the fact that they never get good matches on these sites and act like it’s not the fault of their terrible pictures and boring bios.

Have you been struggling with getting the matches you deserve? Here’s how to avoid the failures of all too many men on dating sites.

Your pictures

The photo makes all the difference, and can make or break a match before they even look at the rest of your profile. There’s no hard and fast standard for what makes a picture work or not, but there are a few factors that just don’t work and a few that just don’t fail. Data pulled from the dating app FlirtSwipe found some interesting trends:

Avoid selfies. It’s one thing if a girl is posting selfies, but it just doesn’t work for dudes in the same way. Profiles without selfies tended to get 37 percent more matches than those without. Stick to photos where you aren’t the photographer.

Show that you know people. If you’re the only person in all your photos, it can make you look lonely. Find photos with other people where you are still the main focus of the photo, as it makes you look social and engaged. However, there’s an upper limit – if too many of your photos have other people in them, it pulls focus away from you. Profiles with one or two photos with other people got 25 percent more matches than those without, but the numbers dipped as the amount of group photos increased.

If you have a puppy, show them off! Profiles with dogs, to no one’s surprise, got a whopping 82 percent more matches than their petless counterparts.

Hit the magic number of photos. Profiles with two to four photos tended to get the most matches. Profiles with more got 32 percent fewer matches, while photos with only one picture got 65 percent less. Profiles without any pictures barely got any matches at all. It’s likely that this is because having one or no photos makes a profile look like a fake account.

Your bio

With photos, it’s a easier to find consistent judgments on some baseline metrics, but from then on out it becomes a little more abstract, especially when it comes to your bio. After all, your bio is meant to show off your personality, and since everyone is different, it’s harder to analyze. Some people can get away with coming off as refined and intelligent; others are more playful.

Safe to say though, there are a few good rules to follow:

dont type lyk this. Profiles with at least decent grammar are far more well-received than ridiculously bad writing.

Show, don’t tell. No one wants to date a shopping list, so just listing off a series of traits is a bad idea (“I’m easygoing, hardworking, loyal, boring, unoriginal, uninteresting…”) Find a way to show off who you are with interesting descriptors and clever lines rather than a list. Same goes for what you’re looking for – don’t just list off traits, be original.

Less can be more. You don’t need to write an essay here. The best advertisements are those with fewer words, as it builds intrigue and mystique. Conversely, too much text can make people’s eyes glaze over and get them to swipe left.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll most likely experience a significant increase in matches. After all, it’s all about standing out from the crowd – and the only way to stand out is to be outstanding.

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