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Tina Brown floats Hickenlooper as potential Hillary running mate
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Tina Brown floats Hickenlooper as potential Hillary running mate

Gov. John Hickenlooper speaking in Denver. (Troy Hooper photo)
Gov. John Hickenlooper speaking in Denver. (Troy Hooper photo)
The way Tina Brown sees it: Putting a 64-year-old white guy in the vice president's chair might be seen as "an edgy move" in 2016. Apparently even edgier than the 70-year-old white guy currently occupying the VP chair.

And just who is this sexy sexagenarian who Brown is so fervently endorsing? Why it's none other than Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper!

In an 878-word ode to Hickenlooper, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast says she'd like to see him on the ticket if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016.

"As befits a guy with the fresh gusts off the Rockies at his back, he's breezy, loose, and accessible, an enterprising entrepreneur who's also a sophisticated mover between the worlds of commerce, culture, and tech," Brown wrote today. "Now that the votes of intransigent congressmen can no longer be bought off with earmarks, a capacity for charm and collaboration has never been more important. Hickenlooper built his success in the brewery business, and he’s as welcoming as your local neighborhood tavern."

Brown is in Denver this week "watching Governor Hickenlooper at close range." The governor is co-hosting the Biennial of the Americas summit. Brown is at the summit serving as a panel moderator.

"The idea for an Americas conference epitomizes what a smart convener the rangy Hickenlooper is and how exuberantly he’s driving his state into the future. Hickenlooper understands the vital connections between the Americas. That perspective could bring refreshing things to our national conversation," she wrote.

She opined that "Colorado today brings the ticket the right winds of change," noting that Hickenlooper "surely did not expect" to oversee the legalization of marijuana and civil unions when he was elected governor. Colorado has also passed progressive gun-reform measures, Brown pointed out.

Brown argues Hickenlooper could "become a hipper Joe Biden for Hillary, bringing western executive perspective and swing-state sensibilities to a candidate inevitably tarred as an Eastern liberal elite."

The governor certainly is popular in many circles. But his coziness with the oil and gas industry has earned him detractors from the left. And many on the right aren't exactly thrilled with Colorado's new gun laws.

Still, in Brown's eyes, Hickenlooper may just be what this country needs.

"On the surface, liberals might pine for a Latino or African-American VP nominee to balance out an HRC-led ticket. But I could imagine that by 2016 having a Caucasian 64-year-old on the ticket might feel like an edgy move that boosts the increasingly beleaguered beached white male," she wrote.
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